Sometimes I get bored

Adelaide Metro: Should I Run?

After a change in work place I found myself taking the bus more frequently. I tried the official metroMATE app, but it was just too complicated and didn’t reliably show real-time arrivals. Adelaide Metro is kind enough to expose a public SIRI API, so I built my own app to answer the question I face all too often, “Should I Run?”.

Should I Run? - Logo

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Timely Calculator

Timely allows you to perform arithmetic operations between time spans and numbers. Born out of the need to replace a useful Android app that I couldn’t find a free iOS equivalent for after switching platforms. The use case is to calculate running pace when given distance and time, or the average pace needed to achieve an overall time (e.g. if a marathon runner finished in 03:26:23 then their average pace was 4:53 m/km).

Timely - Logo

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One late night I was exploring the depths of Emojipedia and thought it would be cool to have a searchable API for emoji data. Then I came across the Emoji List on the Unicode website and thought… “I could scrape that!”. It was also a chance to play around with Azure Table Storage and Functions. The most useful product of this venture is a JSON file which contains all the emoji along with some searchable metadata that can be easily updated. You can find the project here.